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3D cube platformer template with all scripts and assets available to build your own 3d platformer with heavily commented code, a menu system a highscore system which saves into the registery, also jump pads which will shoot you flying into the air and teleporter which will let you teleport to a set location, a goal to reach where you place at the end of the level and edit in the code which scene you want the goal to take you, and also coins which will add 1 to your current score also if the player falls from a platform the player will automatically be respawned at the spawn point which you can chose and this will automatically deduct 1 from the players health once the players health is less than or equal to 0 the player will be sent to the main menu and the highscore will be saved into the registery but you can program it to send you to a death/gameover screen or leaderboards.

Install instructions

Unity>Asset>Import Package then select file. if you need help comment or email me at: cale.anderson@hotmail.co.uk


3D platformer.unitypackage 356 kB

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